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Insurance Investment Advisory



Insurance being a subject matter of solicitation, insurance advisory proves helpful specially, in the wake of complicated products reigning the insurance market. Insurance market is the buyers market and they are bestowed with countless choices both for life and non life insurance. In such a situation, the crux of the matter is to make right Decisions. To decide from the vast range of products and service providers. Insurance advisor helps prospective policy holders to choose right policies to suit their financial ability and need.

Insurance aims to protect the economic value of asset or life of a person through a contract of insurance between the insurer and the insured. The policy which is a document issued by the insurer is an evidence of the insurance contract, insurance is a specialized type of contract where, apart from the essential features of a valid contract like offer and acceptance, consideration, capacity to contract, prior consent of all the parties and legality of object, insurance contract are subject to additional principles, they are;

1.  Utmost good faith

2.  Insurable interest

3. Indemnity

4.  Subrogation

5.  Contribution

6.  Proximate cause.

These distinctive features are based on the basic principles of law and are applicable to all type of insurance contracts. These principles provide guidelines based upon which insurance agreement are under taken.

We provide proper understanding of these principles to have a clear interpretation of insurance contracts, which helps proper termination of contracts, settlement of claims, enforcement of rules and smooth award of verdicts in case of disputes.


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