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Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO)

We offer services in the areas of Business Transformation outsourcing (BTO), We redefine processes to achieve high performance and results.

During transformation process we study the existing scenario, business and resources of the company and devise transformation modules wherein progress report is discussed on monthly /quarterly/yearly basis. Complete business transformation take two to three years. During transformation Process our strategy will be to benefit the organization in all functional areas of production, technology, Finance and administration, HR ,marketing set ups.

Throughout the transformation process our endeavour is growth and development in all divisions of organization. 
Our Broad Coverage during transformation process;

  • Marketing set up and strategy.
  • Human Resources.
  • Product Quality.
  • Costing and Pricing strategy.
  • Finance,Legal & Administration.

We undertake business transformation of organization in all above areas on turnkey bases, However we take up transformation of selected areas also, but it is advisable to go for all as productivity of one department is linked with others.


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